How much power can a single PV module produce?
The average PV module produces about 280 watts of power, but depending on the type of panel and manufacturer, a single panel is capable of producing up to 400 watts of power.
  • How many modules/panels will my system need?
    This depends on several factors, such as the percentage of your electric bill you wish to cover, your overall budget, your peak electrical needs, the layout of your home or business, etc. We will discuss your needs during our consultation.
  • Will my PV system take the place of my utility company?
    That depends on the type and size of the system you install. Grid-tied PV systems meet a percentage of the home or building’s electrical needs. These systems are not meant to handle the entire electrical load, however, some months you may see a credit on your bill while other months your bill will be significantly reduced. Off-grid systems are designed to replace the utility and require ancillary energy systems that provide energy at night such as battery backup systems or generators.
  • If I start with a small system, is it easy to expand at a later date?
    Yes, PV systems are modular and scale with ease. Provided you have unobstructed views of the southern horizon, you can continue to expand as your to meet your needs.
  • How soon will I realize a return on my investment, (ROI)?
    Residential projects may see a ROI in 6-9 years.  Commercial projects may see an ROI in 1-5 years, depending on various factors. Ultimately, your location determines what incentives are available.
  • Are there federal or state tax incentives?
    Yes, both–depending on your location. In fact, these incentives may improve your ROI considerably.  (Please see your tax professional for details.)
  • Will inclement weather harm my panels?
    No, weather should not be a concern for you. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are made with tempered glass and are rigorously tested to ensure a long life. They are even hail-tested.
  • How long is the life span of PV modules?
    The typical manufacturer’s warranty is 25 years; however, the average PV module could last 30 or more years.
  • What is the warranty?
    Panels generally have a 25-year warranty from the factory. The length of this warranty is longer than most items you could buy for your building. The remainder of your system’s warranty depends on the item. Remember, your entire solar panel system has no moving parts, and this is one of the reasons it lasts so long.
  • I keep hearing about my meter spinning backward. “Net Metering” What is this?
    When your solar power system creates an excess of energy that your site cannot immediately use, you can “push” that energy back in to the main power grid of your electric company (if you are grid-tied) and use it later during the night or on a cloudy day.
  • Besides the savings on my utility bill, and the generous tax savings, are there any other financial benefits to installing a solar energy system?
    Installing a solar energy system to your property will increase its resale value.
  • Can I get financing for a PV system?
    Our customers may qualify for financing. Contact our office for more information.